Scouting is Family Oriented. Activities are intended for the whole family and you have the opportunity to work with your son on his various requirements.

The Cub Scout Den:

  • Your son would be a member of a Cub Scout Den.
  • The Den generally meets once a week.
  • The Den is lead by a Den Leader (usually a parent).
  • The Den Leader is assisted by an Assistant Den Leader and a Den Chief (a Boy Scout).
  • Den meetings have games, crafts, songs, ceremonies, and are lots of fun and all geared toward completing requirements.

The Cub Scout Pack:

  • Your son's Den belongs to the Pack.
  • The Pack meets once a month - ALL Cub Scout families have the opportunity to attend.
  • The monthly meeting is led by the Cubmaster.
  • Pack meetings are a time to socialize with other Scouting families, learn about upcoming activities, and recognize the accomplishments of the Scouts.

The Pack Committee:

  • The Pack is run by the Pack Committee made up of adult leaders and interested parents.
  • The committee meets once a month.
  • The committee is lead by a chairperson.
  • The committee plans pack meetings and activities.

Your Chartered Organization:

  • The pack is supported by a Chartered Organization (usually a Church or School).
  • The chartered organization approves leaders, provides a meeting place, and helps to operate packs within the guidelines and policies of the chartered organization and the BSA.
  • The chartered organization selects a representative to serve as liaison between the organization and the pack.