Below are the Scout rankings your scout could advance through -

Bobcat (earned by ALL NEW Cub Scouts, regardless of age)

All boys, regardless of age, earn the Bobcat badge first by learning the Cub Scout Promise, Law of the Pack, handshake, salute, sign, motto, and the meaning of "Webelos". After receiving the Bobcat badge, the boy works on requirements based on his age or grade.

Tiger (First Graders)

Tiger Cubs is for first graders and their adult sponsor(s). Tigers work out of a handbook that will teach them the foundations for their Cub Scouting Adventure.

Wolf (Second Graders)

A Cub Scout who has completed the first grade (or is age 8) works on 12 achievements to earn the Wolf Badge. Each achievement is designed to teach simple skills and initiate family discussions on values, drug awareness, health, etc.

Bear (Third Graders)

A Cub Scout that has completed second grade (or is age 9) must complete 12 out of 24 possible achievements to earn the Bear Badge.

Webelos (Fourth and Fifth Graders)

Webelos is a two-year program for Cub Scouts that have completed third grade (or is age 10). In a Webelos den, the scouts work on the requirements for the Webelos Badge and the Arrow of Light. These requirements build on the values and skills that have been learned to this point. In the second year of the program, the Cub Scouts work on the Arrow of Light, which prepares them to move on to Boy Scouts.