Imagine a program that can help your son learn, grow, and mature while he is having fun; where there are activities in which you can participate together with the result of getting to know each other better and strengthening your relationship. This is part of what Scouting is. Every activity gives you and your son the chance to discover and share together.

What does your son learn in Scouting? Well, it is a lot more than crafts, games, and outdoor skills. All of the Cub Scout programs are carefully designed to teach your son something he will use throughout his life. Every activity is specifically designed for your son's age, development, and personal needs. Here are just of few of the things your son will gain though Cub Scouts:

  • The feeling of belonging to a positive and fun group of boys and caring adults.
  • New social skills that will help him get along with others.
  • New mental skills from reading, writing, planning and organization.
  • A broader greater understanding of other people and the world around him.
  • A system of values that will help him grow and make good life decisions.
  • A concern and caring for people and opportunities to help others.
  • Self-confidence and stronger self-esteem.